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Accelerate Your Career with Executive Coaching from a Female Business Coach

Your skills, abilities, and education helped you reach your current level of success. Unfortunately, they may not be enough to take you higher. By learning with an experienced business coach for women, you will improve your performance as a leader and accelerate your career.

As a seasoned leader, or even as an emerging one, intimate understanding of your strengths and weaknesses is key. Continual self-refinement will empower you to meet and exceed the demands of those who depend on you. You already play a vital role. With our help you will develop an enhanced mindset and deeper commitment. Break2Be’s leadership and business coaching will train you for greater success.

Certified Executive Coach for women, Mariana Jaeger offers customized leadership development programs. Each program is designed according to your unique needs: combining statistical data, emotional intelligence, personal assessments, and ongoing evaluations. Whether you need support leading your business through change or you are looking for a holistic approach to better balance your life, our women leadership coaching will catapult you to your goal.


Female Executive Coaching for New and Established Leaders:​

  • Refine your leadership model and voice

  • Understand the strengths you have as a woman and how to leverage them at work

  • Identify your weaknesses and develop them

  • Learn to lead through constant change and big challenges

  • Understand the best practices for leading people, projects, and operations

  • Break through the fear of failure and comparison

  • Improve your communication and collaboration skills

  • Develop a workforce strategy for building a balanced, high-performing team

  • Transform workplace culture

  • Determine the best plan for advancing your career

  • Mindfully maintain your well-being

  • Build the confidence to ask for a promotion or the raise you deserve

Mariana understands that a wave of female leaders are now rising in corporations, nonprofits, government, and startups. Her coaching is designed to equip women of all backgrounds to lead effectively by giving them the confidence, strategy, and tools they need to succeed without settling and without making them feel like they have to live up to stereotypes.

Improve Your Performance.
Accelerate Your Career.
Influence Your Team.

Book a free discovery call to understand where you are as a leader & how Break2Be leadership coaching can take you to the next level.