Am I the right coach for you?


I might not be. Keep reading to find out what it means to work with me.


Am I the Right Coach for you?

I might not be. And that's okay to find out right now. 

I get people requesting to work with me on a one on one basis and I love it. I am a Top Performance Coach, and for years I have worked teaching people how to Perform at their best.

I don’t take a lot of One on One clients, so please know that I don’t make the decision to work with someone lightly.


And this is why…

I lead my life as a Top Performer. I have been a Top Performer in the Corporate Field and in the Athletic Field and now in my own business.

Being a Top Performer takes work and I truly believe everyone can do it. But I also know that not everyone is up for the challenge.

There are people that enjoyed working with me as their coach, mentor, leader. They got a lot out of themselves throughout that time and achieved amazing success and paychecks. But the truth is that there are many that hated it. Intensive, consistent and intentional effort is not a game that everyone wants to play.

I do play that game, and if you are interested in working with me one on one, that’s the game you are signing up for.

I am disciplined.

I am intense.

I am focused.

I am committed.

I am honest.

I hold myself to high standards and do the same with people that work with me. I bring the best of myself as often as possible and believe that is the ONLY way to get what I want. If I want top performance, I need to do the work. Focused and intentional work that will take me there.

And it works the same way with other successful people.

One of the best decisions you can make is to work with me as your coach. I will help you get on an accelerated path towards the success you want, but again, you must understand what you are signing up for.  

My personal agenda is my mission: To show as many people as possible the great potential they possess to achieve amazing success through intentional actions.

My commitment is to deliver on my mission with you and to hold your agenda for success. I will be invested in your moving forward like nobody in your life before, but know that you are the one doing the work and that your success depends on you.  My role is to get the best side of you uncovered to create, to lead and to take brave action.


My Coaching Plan—I make it simple.

90-Day Intensive Coaching, where we:

-Define what you really really want

-Assess you and your self-leadership

-Uncover the best version of yourself and what’s holding you back

-Create the road map to get to your goal

-Prepare and anticipate what the field work might bring


Why do I only offer a 90-Day program?

90 Days is a good time to make important progress and also to determine how invested the client is in their success. One of my big commitments to myself is to only work with people that want to accomplish great performance and get to big goals.

I understand that Big Goals might take more than 90-days. But a whole lot can be accomplished with Intensive focus, and that’s what you would be signing up for.

After 90-days, if both, the client and I are interested in continuing to work together, then we’ll have that talk when it’s appropriate.

How would we meet?

We would meet in person or over video on a weekly basis.

What’s the investment to work with me as your coach?

Email me for pricing. Know that I’m not the cheapest coach you’ll find, but my prices are worth the change you’ll make.

Are you up for the challenge to go for GREAT?

Email me today—We can get on a video call within the next 24-48 hrs.

   My best,