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What's "The Trifecta" of Effective Leadership?

We’ve all heard about them, we all think we understand what each means, but the reality is that even experienced leaders confuse them and blend them together.

There is a real connection between your success and your effectiveness at applying the proper leadership for the moment and level of experience of your people.

This great Trifecta provides people with everything they need to be successful, and in order for you to be an Effective Leader you must apply all of them, and it involves:

Training, Mentoring and Coaching.

If you look for books, you can find the definition of each, so I won’t give you that. I’ll show you with a real simple vision:

TRAINING (You Tell)- “This is how to do it” You give verbal or even written direction.

MENTORING (You Show) - “Let me show you how to do it”. You do the thing so your people can watch and learn.

COACHING (You Watch) - “Now you do it”. You observe and ask questions to gauge your people’s perspective and mindset.

I call it the trifecta because in order to lead your people powerfully you must apply them timely and intentionally.

At what rate should you be doing this?

It depends on the level of seniority and experience of the person. Someone brand-new with little to no experience is going to need lots of training at the beginning, more mentoring as they move along in their experience and tons of coaching from beginning to end.


As you lead your people, plan to train about 10% of your time, 15% Mentoring and 75% Coaching. All 3 are important and necessary and this is why:


  • Provides people with the tools and strategies necessary to succeed at their jobs.

  • In a rapid-changing world and working environments, constant training is necessary to stay relevant and accurate.


  • You are always mentoring through your actions if you are in a position of leadership. Because people are always watching what you are doing and how you are doing it.

  • Here is where you lead by example - People are looking at you to replicate your actions and behaviors - So stay focused and make sure you are at your best.

When you fully grasp the impact you have on others as a mentor, you stay on your toes, which is great for your own growth.

Coaching - The winner of all:

  • Provides an opportunity for your people to feel heard - Which enhances people’s engagement at work.

  • Helps you empower your people to lead themselves, share their thoughts, make decisions and establish their own commitments.

  • When you are coaching you are mostly listening, asking questions and giving space to people to think, feel and explore their own views of situations.

Here are 5 great Coaching Questions for you to start applying today:

-How do you think you did?

-What’s something you would do differently next time?

-What’s another way to look at that?

-How are you getting to that conclusion?

-What are two things you can do starting today to get to your goals?


Great leaders are great coaches - And this is why: As humans we have an intense need to be seen, to be heard. Coaching gives people that opportunity. So, when you are meeting with your people, be a leader that asks questions, that listens intentionally, that shines a light in them. Also, be the leader that shows greatness in actions that can be replicated and that provides people with the tools they need to succeed.

People build businesses - Focus on building your people to shine and they’ll help you build a business you’re proud of.

Mariana Jaeger is a Leadership Development and Performance Success expert and has successfully trained, mentored and coached hundreds of people in her career. To learn more about Mariana, click here

Mariana Jaeger


Austin, Texas based, serving clients globally.

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