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Break2be Blog: Leadership Stories and Knowledge

"A Life Through Leadership is about self-accountability, strength, resiliency, acceptance. Also, about following your heart, your curiosity, your small and big interests. It means becoming a YOU that makes you happy".


Thank you for being here.

I am Mariana Jaeger and I built Break2be as an avenue for current and future Leaders to move forward towards becoming the best they can be, live more self-aware, achieve higher performance, develop stronger teams.

Break2be is all about leadership and it starts with you. It means taking an intentional pause to check the path you have been walking on and move towards the direction you desire. Throughout my personal life and career, I have experienced periods where I've had to evaluate, consider the options and move forward to live a life filled with success, joy and fulfillment. This intentional work on self-improvement and dedication has worked well for me. I am sure it can work great for others too.

One thing I heard from Jeff Goins, the writer of “The Art of Work” is to talk about things people are constantly coming to you with questions. Well, my mind went to different places in a few seconds, because I not only have a couple of interests and life experiences.

I am MANY things.

I am an American that was born and raised in Venezuela

I am the person that has had 3 jobs to pay bills

I am a woman that started from the ground up and moved forward in the corporate ladder, leading hundreds of people, influencing many leaders’ careers

I am the hiring manager, selecting and rejecting many

I am the anxious job seeker

I am a famous baker (only among family and friends)

I am the wife of a woman

I am the successful Corporate Vice President who decided to take time off to enjoy her baby

I am the lady you see nursing in the corner of the store

I am the mother of a boy

I am the athlete you see training at the park for the next competition

I am the business owner, the writer, the coach, the speaker

I am someone who has started from scratch many times

I have been afraid. I have been proud. I have been left out. I have been stronger.

There are certain core values that I have kept throughout my life:

  1. I have allowed myself to dream. And as it turns out, that has worked as an envisioning exercise.

  2. Discipline is a friend I trust unconditionally. I don’t always love what it makes me do, but I understand it is the force that moves me. Even when I don’t want to get out of bed.

  3. I have trained myself to be self-accountable and think: “what could I have done differently to change what’s happening right now”. I apply it throughout my days to learn and improve. It is usually a reminder to trust my instincts. They always know what’s best, but I don’t always listen to them.

  4. I bring myself to today as much as I possibly can and strive to be a good person, leader, friend, wife, sister, mom. This is not always easy, but is the one that keeps me at peace the most. I am, like a lot of you, forward focused. I want the future to arrive: The next promotion, the trip we have planned, the new baby, the big bonus. But all I have left is this moment right here, so I’m enjoying it.

  5. I wholeheartedly believe in positive energy and that we receive from the world what we send away, so I try to show my best as often as I can through little actions: Appreciating my life, embracing the learning opportunities, thanking people, smiling more, avoid critiquing and judging, accepting others as they are, respecting the environment, nature and animals…Unless you are talking about spiders. I don’t respect them that much.

What you are going to read about here?

My professional life has been leading Performance Driven People and Leaders (Sales, Recruiting and Training), so I naturally speak about it and I understand how much need there is for better leadership and more development.

Through here, I’ll be sharing what I have learned during my growth as a Leader in the corporate world, taking at times a broader perspective and covering other aspects of what it means to Live Through Leadership.

You are also going to read about the stories of amazing people leading by example and living their truth, working on taking brave steps towards their personal development, helping their communities and the world, one idea, one action, one person at a time.

Please send me your comments, questions and suggestions of things you would like to learn, know more of or just that you are curious about.

Mariana Jaeger is a Leadership Development and Performance Success expert and has successfully trained, mentored and coached hundreds of people in her career. To learn more about Mariana, click here

Mariana Jaeger


Austin, Texas based, serving clients globally.

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