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The Truth Behind Why I am Stronger than Ever Today

Self-accountability is one of my biggest values, but throughout the years I have never been this consistent and passionate about working out. I don’t remember having this much fun either. It has a lot to do with the setting created by our amazing trainer, absolutely. It also has a lot to do with having someone right next to me pushing me, encouraging me to fun competition, holding me accountable constantly.

Every Sunday night I get a text from my trainer Amisha that among other things say: “Hey Hey Hey Mariana! How many camps are you committing to this week?”

My reply is always the same: 4!

Accomplishing 4 camps (workouts) is not an easy task. It means waking up at 4:30a, combining all the strength in my body and my spirit to get myself to the bathroom where I have already set my workout clothes the night before. After I’m dressed, there is no turning back.

Then, I get to the parking lot where we workout, half-asleep and our very excited trainer acts like she’s already had 3 cups of coffee and has the energy of a 2-year old kid (She is just like that. No coffee. Just passion.).

I set up my mat. And here is what I do: I look for her. If she hasn’t arrived, I look at the parking lot and in the darkness, I try to guess, based on the car lights, if she is coming.

She always comes though. And she sets right next to me. That’s our choice every time we workout together. When there is a challenge within the workouts, I make sure I am next to her. When I don’t feel like working out, I tell her. When my shoulder is sore, I tell her. Also, when she is moving fast, I try to go faster, when she is ahead, my focus is on catching her.

This is a woman in my life to be thankful for. I count on her to be a better me. I rely on her when I’m feeling tired, when I can’t run anymore. She always keeps going. I know that if she can do it, I can do it.

And here is what I am sure of: I would not be in the best shape of my life if it weren’t for her (and my trainer, of course). I know I am the one doing the work, I get it, but if I were doing it alone, I am sure I would not be challenging my body and mind as much as I have in the past year.

She is that Accountability Partner that WE ALL Need.

My accountability partner's name is Andrea and she is my “little” sister. She replies to our trainer “5” every Sunday night.

She lives in a “zero excuses” world. She is the mother of 2 crazy/wonderful girls that go from being the sweetest people to wanting to make you pull your hair out (only one of them to be honest!). Out of my mom’s six children, Andrea is her favorite, even if she’ll never recognize it with her words (actions speak louder than words mom!). But that’s okay mom, we get it!

My sister always dreamed about being a mom. She says that being a mom was all she wanted to do. She believes that her job is to create and raise wonderful individuals for the world. And she is incredible at that. She is teaching those girls to be whoever they want to be. To appreciate themselves, to share their thoughts, to be open, to respect everyone, to feel the most amazing love any human being could receive.

My nieces don’t get it right now, but one day they will reflect in their lives and remember how their mom was one of the coolest, funniest, strongest, loving human being life could have given them as their mom.

So, I realized I started talking about having an accountability partner and ended up sharing more about my sister’s life and it makes sense: Your Accountability Partner must be someone you, somehow, trust, admire and can speak highly about!


-You can be stronger when joining forces with others having similar goals. You are not supposed to be alone. If you are yearning for support, encouragement or just a better version of yourself when going through challenging times, find one or two people to get on whatever is it that you are wanting to accomplish with you.

- Find people you like and admire. Just like my sister is for me. Someone you love if possible! If that’s not the case, just get on the path alone. Don’t wait. I can guarantee you there are others starting just like you, that could also need support and encouragement.

-Commit. Together. Set the “rules of the game” early on and hold each other accountable. Create ideal “ways to act” or “what to say to each other” when the willingness is non-existent or when you just don’t feel like it!

I can tell you, along the path, I have found other accountability partners that push me, help me and get my competitive vein popping and I’m very thankful for them. This, makes my life fun! I feel just like when I was 8, or 14, running on the street with my friends or competing at the track.

A life well lived is about us showing up at our best…And sometimes we need others to help us remember our greatness. Go create a Life Team you can brag about…Just like I did here.

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Mariana Jaeger


Austin, Texas based, serving clients globally.

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