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Do Company Perks Really Help Employee Engagement?

A few weeks ago, I visited the new offices of Indeed in Downtown Austin. My niece, who works there as an intern, walked me around, excited to showed me every corner of the new office she was very proud to work at. What an incredible experience! Every area had a theme, with fun meeting rooms, comfortable couches to sit, open spaces, warm breakfast, a fully stocked kitchen, and a view worth a billion dollars.

Indeed is the typical example of what companies are doing to increase the level of engagement of their team members and I truly believe is amazing. I worked at Red Ventures for many years, a company with its headquarters in Charlotte, NC and I got to experience this type of transformation first hand and I can say it was a really cool thing to see happening.

My question is, do these cool buildings and perks really turn employees into fully engaged team members that put their best efforts consistently? Or do they have the "brand new car" effect, where after a few weeks of driving it the excitement dies down?

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Employee engagement is, without a doubt, a pulsating pain for companies. Data shows that only 3 out 10 employees are engaged at work. Imagine what that does to performance!? The losses are in the billions. Not only by people working at minimal effort and not maximizing results, but also by the cost that high attrition generates.

But I ask you now:

Why are your people not engaged?

Why are they not wanting to go to work?

Why are they not doing the best they can?


Check out: How to Improve your People's Engagement in 4 Simple Steps.

Good stuff there to help you get your people better connected to your organization and fully engaged to do their very best!

Why I do what I do? I do it because I believe in people’s potential. I believe people can achieve so much more than they allow themselves to think, through their hearts and minds.

This sounds simple, but it requires intention.

Through intentional focus on themselves, I work with people to improve their performance all around, turning them into the best leaders of their own life, work and home.

If you are interested to work with me, email me directly at mjaeger@break2be.com.

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Mariana Jaeger


Austin, Texas based, serving clients globally.

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