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Are you doing more than you were hired for?

I want to share this, because I think it’s important - I have heard too many stories recently of women that were hired to do one job at small/growing companies and end up becoming everyone’s secretary.

First of all - There’s nothing wrong with being the secretary - IF that’s the job you were hired for.

Second - I’ve experienced having roles where the job description is VERY OPEN and I just had to do what was necessary to run the business.

I’m talking here about women that were given a position with goals and incentives tied to reaching those goals and on top of that job - that by the way, was enough to keep them busy, they were also expected to provide admin support for others in the team, which had a negative impact on the performance at their “real jobs”.

The feeling I got from these women was confusion and lots of shame for not being able to meet performance goals. They were expected to do more than the rest and perform at the same level.

This is not a RANT - Because here is reality - These women, didn’t push back when they needed to. They didn’t ask: “Hold on, is this part of my job too?” They just said “Yes, of course, I’ll help you with that” And kept given priority to other people’s jobs and dropping the ball on what was their main responsibilities.

But - The question is: “Why didn’t they?” “Why were they not pushing back, or standing up for

themselves? And they just moved forward taking the easy route that serves others but held them back and made them feel horrible about their jobs, their coworkers and themselves.

I know...It’s hard. Admitting out loud that “We can’t” it’s hard. No one wants to be in that position - I completely get it.

But we have to look at the options in front of us:

What’s at the other end of staying quiet? My guess: burn-out and anger! And if you are not able to pick up your performance, you might even lose your job.

If you were promised something and given something else, without a formal conversation or you agreeing to it, then it’s important that you take the lead and get clarification. You get to decide how to run your career, not the rest of the world. You are the boss of your career and it’s crucial for your future that you own that!

You only have to be brave when it’s necessary - And this is one of those times.

If you are going through something like this - Where you are not able to do your job because of everything else that’s being assigned to you, ask for help. Get clarification. You may have an amazing boss that has NO IDEA of how you feel and he or she might be your biggest supporter to help you reach success.

Find someone to talk to - That’s all I’m saying. Get out of running in circles and do something - TODAY IF YOU CAN - And you can Start with putting a meeting in someone’s calendar to talk about this.

Reach out if you have questions…

And please take a moment to share this on your social media - Forever grateful!

“Till next time,


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Mariana Jaeger


Austin, Texas based, serving clients globally.

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