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4 Magical Ways to Bring the Best You

Every new week feels like a 'start'. For some it means a beginning, a brand-new cycle. For others is the continuation of a routine they don’t like but are trapped into. After living and hearing thousands of stories, I can promise you, the possibility of a new beginning is available to you. Choose the option to start all over again.

Today is a fresh start. The leading starts with you and your life. With all your heart, wish and plan to stand up to take the lead and finally walk the talk you tell everyone all the time.

1. Play a new playlist in your mind

Just for this week, to bring the best you, change the songs in your mind with personalized messages for yourself. It is time you start telling yourself that you have great ideas, that you are creative and that you have the capacity to lead that project, to get that promotion, to inspire others.

Tell yourself that the problem you are facing won’t defeat you because you are stronger than you think. Truly believe that taking one more step won’t make you fall, but will make you more confident instead.

A good friend once told me: “If I were to hear someone say to my loved ones the messages I tell myself, I would jump in to defend them, to protect them!”. How powerful is that? What would you do if a person you really love constantly hears: “Don’t say that, you might look like a fool!” “Why are you so dumb?” “You are not good enough” “You are not worthy" "You are not beautiful”.

Throw away the old tapes my friends! When have they served you well!? When have they felt fair to you? Play the tapes that move you forward. The ones that inspire a new beginning because they tell you how amazing you are, how proud you are of yourself, how good looking you are, what a beautiful smile you have and how lovely your heart is.

Being your biggest fan will bring the best you forward. Greet the one that’s been hiding and let him/her lead!

2. Make YOU happy first

For this week make the decision to lead life in this order:

Me - first.

World - second.

And here is why: To “bring the best you” forward means living your life how you would wish others to live it. It’s time to start following your own advice, the one you share with others but secretly don’t follow.

This is a “win-win” type of mindset. A way of thinking that drives your self-care in connection to the well-being of those around you. A perspective that thrives on the concept of recognizing that to be the best parent, leader, coach, sister, brother, friend, you must see you first, acknowledge your feelings, your needs and your wants. Once those are fulfilled, your mind and heart will be fully open and willing to give to others the best quality support there is.

Try this today: Be proud of who you are. Love the real you. And the world will benefit. The ones around you will be inspired.

3. Allow others to feel their feelings.

Trying to make others happy is not your job (unless you work for as a customer service rep and your actual job is rated based on customer satisfaction!). So often we find ourselves trying to switch people around us from a “negative” state of mind to a “positive” one, feeling like it is our duty to get them to see the bright side of every situation. I’m there with you. I do it all the time!

Let’s do something different together. Let’s start validating instead, allowing our fellow humans feel what they feel.

If people are sad, let them be sad and offer a hug or a shoulder to cry. If people are angry, understand what’s going on with them and validate their frustrations. If people are sorry, tell them it is okay to be sorry or just say thank you.

Bring the best you when you are with others, giving them space to navigate through their feelings and emotions. For today, be the avenue that allows people to be themselves without judgment or an agenda.

4. Go all out!

Make one deep connection—Forget about how “silly” you can be and talk to someone you wouldn’t have talked to before. If you don’t know how, just start by saying “thank you”.

Look at someone for an extra 10 seconds in the eye—It is common to feel uncomfortable. Push through that feeling and explore what happens.

Focus on the good and thank yourself for your contributions—At night, when life is quiet, write, type or think of 2 things that went really well today and 2 contributions you made to the world. It could be as simple as holding the door for someone or smiling at the cashier at the grocery store.

Share this with others and influence how they lead their day, their week or their lives. Spread the word, give others permission to go all out, to be themselves, to bring their best.

I’d love to hear your story of a new beginning. Be brave and proud and share it in the comments below. Or, email me directly!

Mariana Jaeger is a Leadership Development and Performance Success expert and has successfully trained, mentored and coached hundreds of people in her career. To learn more about Mariana, click here

Mariana Jaeger


Austin, Texas based, serving clients globally.

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