Mariana Jaeger




Mariana Jaeger is an Certified Executive Coach,  High Performance Speaker and Corporate Leadership Development Expert that has dedicated over 14 years in helping leaders maximize their performance and build top performing teams. Her career started in the corporate world where her success in sales led her to quickly climb the ranks in her field.  


Mariana built large sales teams that broke records and maintained high performance under her leadership.  She credits her success to her ability to connect with her employees through motivational and skill-based training.  


In addition, she transformed solutions for workforce planning, recruiting, and corporate culture improvement throughout U.S. and Latin America leading to teams that were balanced and productive.


Mariana's is passionate about getting her clients to WINS!  She dedicates her time coaching executives, corporate teams, and aspiring leaders.  She also provides interactive seminars at events to provide training and inspiration to teams.

Mariana lives in Austin, TX with her loving family.  She is active in Austin's fitness community and participates in fitness competitions that keep her motivated to stay committed to her mental and physical health. She is an avid baker and has also created an avenue to share her baking creations with others. 

"You have to believe that you can break past the limitations that are before you. Your success depends on it. It’s about truly embracing the reality that what you want exists and it is out there waiting for you to go get it." 

Mariana Jaeger, Certified Executive Coach & Business Expert


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