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The skills, abilities, and education that helped you reach where you are will not always take you to the next level.

As a seasoned leader or an emerging one, you must be willing to understand your strengths, weaknesses and continually refine yourself to meet the demands of the people depending on you.  It's a vital role, but with the right mindset and commitment, Break2Be's Leadership Coaching will equip you for success. 

Certified Executive Coach Mariana Jaeger offers customized leadership development programs.  Each program is designed according to your unique needs, utilizing statistical data, emotional intelligence, personal assessments, and ongoing evaluations.  Whether you need support in leading your business through change, or a holistic approach to having a better balance in life, we will work together to catapult you to your goal.

New & Established Leaders & Executives:

  • Refine your leadership model & voice

  • Identify and leverage your strengths and weaknesses

  • Learn the 'science' behind leading through changes & challenges

  • Understand the best practices of leading people, projects, and operations

  • Breakthrough the fear of failure and comparison

  • Improve communication and collaboration skills

  • Develop a workforce strategy for building a balanced, high performing team

  • Transform workplace culture

  • Determine the best plan for advancing your career

  • Mindfully maintain your well-being

  • Build the confidence to ask for the promotion and raise you deserve

Improve Your Performance.

Accelerate Your Career.

Influence Your Team.

Book a free discovery call to understand where you are as a leader & how Break2be leadership coaching can take you to the next level.