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There are many real Wonder Women out in the world. Here is one that most of us have not heard of: Lupe Gonzalo. She dreamed, she hoped, she was told she couldn't. She was mistreated, disrespected, abused. She stood up, stronger. She fights every day to win small and big battles. She has changed the world to be a better place to exist: for herself and many others.

And she keeps fighting...


Last Sunday afternoon my 6-year old niece was, as always, trying to come up with something to entertain herself. I have to admit; her projects often make me lose my patience. She spills water all over, plays with food coloring around the house and creates many messes, and not only that, but she doesn’t enjoy the cleaning part, so it can become a battle to “encourage” her to clean after herself.

That day everything started the s...

ACTIONS are a thousand times more powerful than words. If your strategy to "move up" is to go around the office asking leaders to give you a promotion that you believe you deserve, I can tell you right now: That approach won’t work.

Get noticed for GREAT reasons

I have interviewed hundreds, if not thousands of people in my career. Towards the end of the interview, I gave people a chance to ask pressing questions a...

"Live Through Leadership is about self-accountability, strength, resiliency, acceptance. Also, about following your heart, your curiosity, your small and big interests. It means becoming a YOU that makes you happy".


Thank you for being here.

I am Mariana Jaeger and  I created Break2be & Live Through Leadership as avenues for Leaders’ (meaning people) to move forward towards becoming the best they can be, live more self-...

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