What's Impossible for others, doesn't have to be impossible for you. 

Drive change. Your change.

Reach for the Top.

Feel proud of your accomplishments.

Do what it takes to achieve the greatness you want.

Stop settling for average and go for the TOP. 

This is the most valuable 5-week intensive program to help you propel your performance, understand your value and get yourself challenged to grow, perform better, go bigger and get everything you want! 

On this five week program you'll go though:

Self-Leadership- What makes you amazing. It is challenging to understand, but we are the ones holding us back when we don't live and lead up to our amazing potential. We are uncovering that once and for all!

Big Visions and Goals- We'll define where you want to go. It is time to make big changes and challenge yourself for better-Better roles, better paychecks, better quality of life. Stop dreaming and let's start taking more action that feels scary but exciting.

Coaching Others—It is about changing the way you lead conversations to drive higher engagement from people and better results. 


Prepare for the field game—This is where lots of people get stuck. This is one of the most important steps as we define what can get in the way of our success. We prepare you for that field and anticipate what might come up (people, external and internal challenges). 

The Choices of a Top Performer-Most people forget that the power to make changes lies in the every day (and every minute) choices we make. Learn how to trust your judgment and make the best choices for yourself, your career, your future success, and your team. 

Break2be the intentional leader

Online Leadership Development Program

This is how we make the INTENTIONAL LEADER program happen

We meet once a week where I'll teach you the topic of the week and spend a lot of time answering questions and sharing what has worked for me to lead as a Top Performer. 

You'll get weekly assignments to work on your own before our calls to get you ready for full engagement and prepare questions that may come up.

This is a package filled with more development opportunities and success tips than you have received throughout your career.

The full package is only $849. 

(We are SOLD OUT for the January 24th Class)

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