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Mariana offers consulting support and leadership coaching for businesses wanting to transform their Inside Sales Team to deliver Top Performance on a consistent basis - supporting the growth and vision of the company. 

With Consulting Support and Leadership Coaching unique to your industry, Mariana uses her corporate experience and consistent success as an Executive Leader of Performance Focused teams, to help companies maximize their sales goals.  Each recommendation and programs are designed according to your businesses needs. 

  • Shift the corporate culture by igniting purpose to improve employee performance.

  • Strategies for Sales Leaders to implement to increase engagement and motivation.

  • Learn how to assess disengaged employees:  How direct supervisors can influence change and how to know if it is time to let the employee go. 

  • Increase team's productivity and sales volume, by strategic planning and mindset shifting.

  • Learn how to hire great talent and create a successful career path for them.

  • Create compensation plans that drive people effectively.

  • Implement accountability practices that serve both the employee and the business.

  • Build teams that feel valued for their contributions to the success of the business and recognized for their improvement. 

  • Raise performance bars and achieve consistent great results. 

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