Are you ready to take The Great Leaders' Pledge?

Someone that had seen me grow throughout the years and go from a sales manager to Vice President told me with a hint of surprise in his voice: "Wow Mariana, it is great that you have come this far up and continued to be the same Mariana. You don't take yourself too seriously". 

I asked him: "What does that mean? Have you seen people change when they get into Leadership positions?"

He said: "Well yeah, they become almost untouchable. They act like they are a big deal now".

This story brings up two sides of the coin:

1) Someone becomes a Leader and they believe they are too important now and completely miss the boat on what it means to be a great leader. 

2) My friend feels intimidated by people with power or "cool titles" and sees everything through those glasses. 

Whichever side you pick, there is still something that we, as the great leaders we are and want to continue to be, can do.

We can simply act like awesome people. And you know what awesome people do? They care. They listen. They stand up for themselves and others less powerful. So let's be that. Yes, we are leaders. But let's be great ones. Great Leaders are Great people. 


My mission is to help as many leaders as possible be great at being amazing leaders of themselves (first) and others (second), so they can create the success they want. Yes, you read that correctly. You create your own success. You also create your own limits, so watch out for that! 

Performance leaders often forget that the most important ingredient in achieving top performance is people, how they connect to them, how they serve them, how they inspire them and how they run effective accountability. Instead, they focus on the numbers, which could drive short-term results, but guarantees long term failure. 


Being a leader is about inspiring others through how we live our lives. Forget about telling people how to act and just do it yourself. 

Take the Pledge and together, let's end Bad Leadership once and for all. 

It starts with YOU. So,  read every line, print it out, put it on your fridge or your desk and remind yourself every day of the the most important promises that will lead you to become a super star!


 - I pledge to be the best leader I can be for myself first. I accept that I am the one responsible for my own development and growth.

 - I pledge to honor myself. To do things I love on a daily basis. To fill my mind and body with things that make me healthy, confident, stronger.

 - I pledge to take action. Even if it's not perfect. Even if I'm not ready.

 - I pledge to honor others. To listen to them, to treat them with respect and compassion, even if I don't agree with what they are saying or doing. 

 - I pledge to carry myself with a welcoming attitude. I will smile, thank and champion people often. 

 - I pledge to walk through life understanding my value and making decisions that live up to what I deserve.

 - I pledge to bring my best self during conflict. It is not about proving "I'm right" anymore. 

 - I pledge to create a working environment that people enjoy and can be themselves. 

 - I pledge to be there for my loved ones when I'm home, mentally and emotionally. 

 - I pledge to invest time and find good resources that challenge my growth to become the best performance leader I can be. 

I pledge to start leading myself through these promises. 

Sign your pledge

The Great Leader's Pledge