Mariana Jaeger

Austin, Texas based, serving clients globally.

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Our Partnership Means

We work with you to attract the best talent, implement hiring processes that improve your brand, hire and retain great people for your organization,  build a strong leadership group and provide your employees with meaningful feedback that will help through their development.

Break2be can be your strategy and execution partner to build great practices that makes your organization one of the best places to work.




New Hires

Most recruiting processes around the corporate environment are broken.

Attract, hire and retain the best talent, while turning every one of your applicants into great advocates of your organization.

#BREAK2BE the best place to work


See Yourself as the Link Between the Gaps

Leaders have an important responsibility within the organization: Move things forward. They must do this while being the glue that holds it together. They must be advocates, peers and surrogates to different people. But how much time and effort are you spending helping them grow?

Break2be can help your leaders reach their full potential through Leadership Coaching.  

#BREAK2BE the missing link 

Business Meeting

Give Powerful & Effective Feedback

Prepare your leaders to give meaningful Performance Reviews to their people. It is important that your best talent leave the reviews feeling appreciated for their efforts, it is also crucial to take this opportunity for your low performers to understand what and how they need to improve. Get your leaders ready to maximize Performance Review time and move your organization forward through your most valuable asset: The People.

#BREAK2BE a guiding force