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Mariana offers customized leadership development training, from 1 day classes, to 6-month programs that include ongoing evaluations and mentoring.  Below you will find Mariana's most requested programs.

How To Ignite & Lead Top Performing Teams

Studies show that approximately 70% of employees are unengaged.  This breeds negativity, low performance, and a lack of interest in the mission, values, and profitability of the company.

Every level of leadership is responsible for maintaining a corporate culture that pushes employees to challenge themselves to their highest potential and take on the mission of the business as their own.  The problem is most leaders aren't balancing their focus between directing operations and connecting with their workforce.  In this interactive workshop, Mariana provides leaders with tools needed to regain value on their most important asset - the people.

  • Shift the corporate culture by igniting purpose to improve employee performance.

  • Strategies for leaders of all levels to implement to maintain motivation.

  • 5 Signs of disengaged employees:  How direct supervisors can influence change and how to know if it is time to let the employee go. 

Power Leadership: Leading Your Life, Teams, & Business For Success

When it comes to leadership development, having a business-only approach can be detrimental to a leader's growth.  In this workshop Mariana takes her audience on an exploration of how a leader's ability to lead their own life and personal mindset can affect how they lead teams.  During this workshop we will discuss:

  • The connection between personal accountability and organizational leadership.

  • Managing your thoughts to produce high performance for you and your team.

  • How to identify and remove toxic communication in your personal and working relationships (behavioral assessment and group exercise included).

  • Taking out the trash - Finally getting control of your life and career by removing limitations and setting clear goals.

30-Day Wellness Challenge - Optional Add On:

What better way to challenge your mental strength and develop personal accountability than by maintaining a life of wellness?  After the workshop, you have the option of joining Mariana in a 30-day challenge for a healthier, physically active life.  Each member will select their own goals for physical activity, and through personal leadership and group accountability we will keep each other on track for 30 days through an online portal.

Additionally, members will take on mindful eating and sleeping habits.  Studies show the link between an individual's health and wellness can impact productivity and mental performance at work.  It can also increase the cost of health care provided by the employer.  Mariana will guide your leaders in maintaining a better balance in their lives to lead with zeal and have the energy needed to perform at their best.

LeadHers Arise

At Break2Be, we believe and know that there is a wave of female leaders rising in corporations, non-profits, government, and business startups.  This workshop is designed to equip women of all backgrounds to lead effectively by giving them the confidence, strategy, and tools needed to succeed without settling, and without feeling like they have to live up to stereotypes.  Attendees will:

  • Understand the strengths they have as a woman and how to leverage them correctly at work.

  • Tap in to building up other women - less competition, more collaboration.

  • Clarify their career path and avoid getting stuck in roles that don't fit who they are.

  • Have the work/life balance you need.

  • Gain the latest trends in women's leadership and the way ahead.

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