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Stories that will inspire you to aim higher, walk taller, do better.


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Stories that will inspire you to aim higher, walk taller, do better.

The Truth Behind Why I am Stronger than Ever Today

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An Introduction to the Story: A Real Life Wonder Woman

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How to Take Control of the Customer Conversation (based on the Challenger Sale Book)

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S U B S C R I B E   H E R E

This is Part III of a series of posts where I'm sharing the three biggest takeaway lessons from The Challenger Sales book. I can say that this last part of the book was the one I enjoyed the most. My career has been in Leadership Development, so I find anything that ha...

This is the Second Part of my Review of "The Challenger Sale" book. I mentioned on Part I that I'd be sharing the 3 big lessons I got from the book and that, I believe, are still relevant in today's sales practices. 

Again, it is important to mention that these pra...

Over the last 6 months, this book (The Challenger Sale) was trying to get me to read it. It kept coming up under “Book Recommendations” on Amazon. So, eventually, after scanning through a few reviews, I decided to order it.

When it arrived, I went through the Content Pa...

Self-accountability is one of my biggest values, but throughout the years I have never been this consistent and passionate about working out. I don’t remember having this much fun either. It has a lot to do with the setting created by our amazing trainer, absolutely. I...