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Break2be is all about creating space for your growth, intentional focus on your improvement and getting to your professional goals by being the best leader you can be.

Great Leadership starts with you. Become the best leader you can be, so you can support your own personal goals, your teams and business with the best side of yourself. 


Why Break2Be?

Coaching | Consulting | Speaking

As an Certified Executive Coach and former Corporate Leader, I have been a trusted adviser helping CEO's lead better, Sales Teams perform at their best, and corporate teams improve their leadership.  Through my corporate leadership experience and 14 years of corporate coaching, the support I provide is tailored to breakthrough barriers with a well-rounded approach that influences professional growth and positive mindset.

1-on-1 executive coaching for leaders who are currently leading or preparing to lead in businesses, large and small.  Our work focuses on:

  • Building confidence as a leader

  • Shifting your workplace culture

  • Finding your unique leadership voice

  • Strategic recruiting & team building

  • Modern day leadership

  • Balancing self-care, home & career

  • and more!


Sales Performance SUPPORT


High performance consulting for inside sales teams and leaders to bring transformation into sales operations through multiple factors:

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Sales Model Planning and Execution

  • Sales Recruiting and Employee Retention

  • and more!

What People Say...


VP Of Marketing

Mariana has been an instrumental mentor for my growth as a leader. Under her leadership, I was able to turn myself into the leader my people and organization needed. As a result, I have achieved success beyond my own expectations.” 

Director of Sales

Mariana helped me rescue what was important to me, while efficiently serving my people and my company. To me she was the perfect embodiment of a powerful and influential leader. She is passionate, assertive, humble and emotionally intelligent. We worked together and created a plan tailored to my strength while helping be build up in the areas where I was weak.” 

Business Owner

“Mariana  helped me work through blockers that were keeping me from growing my business. She is professional and effective, but also acts with a tremendous amount of compassion and heart.” 

Let's Talk About It...

Your Career. Business Goals. Or how the heck you're supposed to run a successful business and fold laundry each week.  You may not have all the answers, and that's okay.  One of the greatest traits a leader can carry is understanding their weaknesses and knowing when to seek help.

Contact me now and we'll find a time soon that works for both. On our first call, we'll explore the challenges you are facing and discuss how we can best implement a plan of action.

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